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Mad Men is that kind of award-winning series has had not the state of television over the past few years, particularly in the world of fashion.

Who ever thought the 1960s would be so cool? Tight-fitted suits and crisp spread collars are suddenly getting a second look.

Who is behind the amazing looks? The costume designer Janie Bryant – in this video she talks about what it has been like dressing the show’s iconic characters, as well as widespread influence of Mad Men.


Don Draper – who played by Jon Hamm – is the perfect mix of very mysterious, very masculine, and very elusive. His colour palette goes from grays to brown, and sometimes even black.

Mad Men inspired fashion movements, in addition to renaissance on the streets of the vintage clothing and fabrics, Bryant acknowledges the “effect that Mad Men has had on fashion and fashion designers,” including Prada.

Office Looks
Casual Looks
Holiday Looks

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