Masterclass || Colin Firth Wardrobe

“Manners make the man” – says Colin Firth.

Playing a quintessentially British gent seems second nature to Firth. But lapel widths, cuff lengths and colour coordinating suits is something specifically learned by the actor, since his unconfident pursuit of Bridget Jones.

A fan of all things neutral colours, Firth finds always and hows to dress simply, muted and classic. Outside of sunglasses and ties, the actor prefers to channel good hair and a killer smile to dress-up his British garb.

The stylish point of difference – as always with Firth – is his tie. Colin relishes in pin-point spots. Find the little specks placed effortessly on business ties and cravats. And the 55 years-old actor looked incredibly suave every-time from the movie to the red carpet.

Clothing from movies may remain unavailable, but moving into the future, may be able to go online and copy the look to wear a suit like a leading man.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

A strong tailoring arsenal contains tuxedos, tweeds, herringbones and three-pieces.


The King’s Speech

Half the battle with a suit is the confidence to wear it. Shoulders back, head high, hands out of pocket.


A Single Man

Less certainly is more. And nothing beats a glove-like fit.


Bridget Jones

Middle-of-the-road suits and a bland colour palette are not timeless – just boring.


Magic In The Moonlight

When the heart rules the head, disaster follows. You are proof that there’s more, more mystery, more magic.


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Kingsman – The Secret Service: Shoe Embassy – Duke, The King’s Speech: Shoe Embassy – Aviator, A Single Man: Shoe Embassy – Aristocrat, Bridget Jones: Shoe Embassy – Englishman, Magic In The Moonlight: Shoe Embassy – Ascot.

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