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Everybody has their favourite athlete. For better or worse, athletes are increasingly at as style icons and trendsetters.

Maybe you might never be able to win a grand slam, but you can certainly turn some heads in the finest threads around. There was a time when we only saw these dudes in ridiculously tacky suits, but thanks to Instagram athletes are beginning to see the branding potential in becoming bespoke gentles. Athletes are extremely high-profile and consistently in the spotlight.

We’ve rounded up our pick of the most dapper dudes in the game to bring you the ultimate style looks, because there are plenty of players who know how to put together an outfit.

From Football to Fashion || Cristiano Ronaldo


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Sneakers: California Dreaming, Boots: Weekend Hero.

Mod Style Icon || Sir Bradley Wiggins


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Brogues: Aristocrat, Sneakers: Wimbledon.

Superb Signature Style || David Beckham


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Sneakers: Rollercoaster, Chelsea: Sloane.

The King Of Courtly Style || Roger Federer


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Sneakers: Wimbledon, Dress Boots: Captain.

Pro-Style Quarterback || Tom Brady


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Sneakes: Metro, Derby: Impala.

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