Internship Outfit || How To Perfect The Business Woman Look With Floral Blouse

Internship season has started. Congratulations, you’ve scored your dream internship!

And while you’re staying cool in your air-conditioned office, the heat outside is unbearable.

So, how much skin can you bare without looking inappropriate at said internship? We think that crop top and mini-skirts should be left at home. You need to look professional but at the same time yourself. And also, who would want to wear blazer and pants in the summer season anyways?

In each field you work how you dress and how you present yourself really matter. That said, the rules for how to dress vary from office to office, and what’s stylish to one person may not be to another. The important thing is that you look clean and put together and project an air of confidence and competence.

Here you can find a perfect combo to successful internship dressing with vintage feels and gradma-chic to be ready for the next season, so why don’t start now.


Shop the edit:

Lace Ups: Victoriana, Blouse: Mark&Spencer, Skirt: Zara, Earrings: Asos, Bag: & Other Stories.


Shop the edit:

Boots: Tootsie Footsie, Coat: Zara, Blouse: Mark&Spencer, Trousers: Front Row Shop, Glasses: Asos, Bag: Zara.



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