Retro T-Shirt || The New Obsession

Consider graphic tees the long time wardrobe staple of the openly cheeky:

Loudly stamped with a bold phrase or visual, they have spent most of their history relegated to the bottom drawer-designated for gym or home days only.

But leave it to the past and give to it a new life. Match the Tee with a cropped jeans, high-waisted pants, jeans, shorts or skirts and make your look 70s inspired, cool, effortless, easy, retro.

The retro T-shirt that our moms used to wear when they were young and wild, now they are a Trend.


Just in case you haven’t paying attention, the ’70s are back – seriously fabulous than ever.

Find your Tee, it’s all about colours – vintage inspired shades of red, blue, green, or yellow mixed with white – and graphic and font.







Tootsie Footsie


Tell us more: What’s your fav Retro T-shirt?? How do you match it?

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