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Get ready for work, work, work, work, work, work!

When the summer weather is more unpredictable than what you’re going to get for lunch, it’s hard to gauge a work uniform. Well, not anymore, with our edit outfit.

It’s always nice to bring some colour to  the office. Don’t you think? 

An outfit with a contrasting dose of masculine and sporty elements, combining polished edges with contemporary feel. This outfit shows the two main Pantone Colours for Spring 2016. Perfectly balanced for business attire, whilst utilizing soft powder shades.

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Straight cotton pink trousers match with Printed Floral Jacket give your get-up instant summer pastel hues, but the light blue silk blouse ups the professional ante. To make the outfit yours add the coolest of accessories:  bicolour pendant earrings, while a pale blue shopper bag is perfect for that work-hard-hard mash-up. To make this work-outfit perfect wear this YELLOW LOAFERS.

 A simplistic but well put together outfit can make a big statement.

Pastel tones balance each other in harmony to bring lightness, softness and fresh feel for summer at office.

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