Ditch The Black & Be Confident In Colour

Don’t jinx it but it looks somewhat like summer outside, doesn’t it? Be Confident In Colour this Summer


We’ve all had to grin and bear the long winter nights. Avoiding the puddles, relying on the umbrella and praying that the rain lets up by the time we have to head home. Those days look to be behind us now. The sun looks set to stay…. maybe

During those now gone, dreary winter months, comes one certainty, when we opened our wardrobes every morning, preparing for the day, it’s all black everything.

giphy (7)

From black jackets, black trousers, and most depressingly, black shoes. It keeps us muted and makes our day to day just a little less bright. Now however we can ditch our monochrome wardrobes and embrace the bright, the bold and the comfortable with the new Shoe Embassy  #ConfidentInColour range. Available now, online and in-store.




Ditch the black and be #ConfidentInColour despite the weather. It’s summer… Or so says the calendar anyway.



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