French Riviera Holiday Outfits



The nautical look is synonymous with European sophistication and its elements will always work with navy and stripes. We decided to put in evidence these Bi-colour Sandals with a sophisticated striped dress. Don’t turn your outfit into a costume, it’s not Halloween. It’s always important to simply use just one strong detail and then break it up with other pieces that are neutral in style and colour.



The French Riviera has since been frequented by some of hystory’s most stylish cultural tastemakers, from novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald to artist Pablo Picasso. Riviera style began as a mens of translating European elegance to a much hotter locale where daily activities included some yachting. We decided to put in evidence these Driving Shoes – in suede for additional flush of luxury that’ll mark your apart – with a Riviera style palette that includes a classic striped polo and chinos. For a finishing touch wear your classic tortoiseshell sunglasses and your watch to add some final polish.

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