Nippon Inspired Outfit

For Her


Purple is one of those colours that most people seem to appreciate on some level. Whether you are an intense royal purple or a sweet, creamy lavender there is really a shade for everyone. We like purple for everything from clothing items to shoes to accessories to cosmetics – and as long as you match it well it’s a brilliant colour that’s easy to pull off. We decided to put in evidence these bright purple shoes with a bluish-purple and neutral colours. This colour is fun because it can take you from moody vamp to innocent lavender and everything in between.

For Him


Taking inspiration from other cultures is something that happens frequently in fashion. East meets West as chinoiserie – patterns influenced by Oriental motif – fuse with sports-luxe fishines and traditional changshan – long shirt – styles get a contemporary update. We decided to put in evidence these bright blue chelsea boots with dark/natural tones. Dark florals prints is the new must for menswear. Play with minimalist accessories – like hat or backpack – and put a bold colour (yellow/blue/red/orange) if you wanna be clearly noted.

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